Responsive Landing Page Template With Bootstrap

I developed Event Responsive Landing Page Template using Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS and JS framework where it can be adapt in any display screen like desktop, tablet and mobile phone. The landing page can be used for multiple purposes like event, conference and seminar website.

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How To Use Screen Mirroring On Samsung Galaxy S6

I was trying figure out how I can share my screen on my Sony Bravia TV and it took me a little time to figure out how since I searched on Google about “How to Turn on Screen Mirroring on Samsung Galaxy S6” but I didn’t find any useful information about it.

07 June, 2015 Read More

Create Your Own Social Media Icons With Font Awesome

In my previous post, I wrote about how someone “Get Started with Font Awesome Icons” and now simple how you can create a social media icons with Font Awesome. In this post I would like to share my social icons sidebar where you can check my code.

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Create css navigation bar with Font Awesome

Another post with Font Awesome where in this example I have create a horizontal and vertical CSS Navigation bar combining Font Awesome icons. With the following menu buttons: Home, Blog, Service, About and Contact me that animate when mouse is over. See the Pen font awesome navigation buttons by Andreas Eracleous (@Sp00ky) on CodePen.

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Get Started with Font Awesome Icons

In this post, I use Font Awesome icons in CSS to show how to use Font Awesome icons in CSS and also what someone can do with them in a website. First of all, the Font Awesome provides a complete set of icons in vector and the user can customise size, color, drop shadow and etc. easily with the power of CSS. It is awesome because no JavaScript required, it is scalable vector graphics that means the icon looks great at any size on high-resolution displays and as well it...

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