Best Way To Build A Website In Less Than 17 Minutes

Hello there! I wrote this easy and quick guide for you, so that you can do it yourself website, without having any programming languages and coding knowledge or having to be an expert! As a web developer, I can say that in general building a well designed website from scratch takes a lot of time. It requires design skills but coding skills as well. A website is built with technologies such HTML, CSS and JavaScript...

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Bootstrap Collapse Panel Examples

In this post I will show you how to transform a Bootstrap Collapse Panel to Accordion Menu, implement a Bootstrap Collapse Panel with icon and also on how to create a Bootstrap Accordion Expand/Collapse All (open / close all) to control all the collapse panels.

29 June, 2016 Read More

Bootstrap Menu Examples

Bootstrap Menu component is a responsive navigation bar for using on a website or a web app. By default, The Bootstrap responsive menu bar collapses (vertically stacks) in small devices phones display lower than 768 pixels. In this example, I have been experimented with the Bootstrap menu (Navbar component) and I have made some modification on it through the CSS stylesheet.

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Bootstrap Responsive Table with CSS3

I spent some time playing with the Bootstrap Responsive Table. I was very curious about on how can I create a responsive table with just CSS code without any interaction of Javascript code. I found that nearly impossible to make it happens until I learned about the attribute attr() function on CSS.

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