About Me

Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Andreas and living in Limassol, Cyprus in a small beautiful island, I'm primarily a front end web developer with a background in computer science (studied at the University of Nicosia) with passion for web technology.

Web for me is not simply another avenue of the computing industry but it represents the future of what we will be interacting with. I have a strong technical background and I have been fortunate to work as a developer.

Front end developments are where my heart is at the moment but I see the place for web and Android applications how they will evolve in the future.

As a freelancer I have developed a bunch responsive websites and on a number of Android applications.

What I Do?

As a front end web ceveloper, I developed many responsive websites for individuals and small businesses using Bootstrap framework. I consider myself as a specialist on converting PSD design to HTML responsive web layout and even more I am an expert on writing an effective code in CSS.

As an Android developer, I developed an Android battery life application where it was my Bachelor dissertation in the University. It indicates some battery information like the battery level, health, temperature, status, power source, voltage level and technology of battery. Additional it indicates the availability time of talk time, audio, video, web, games and navigation.

After my graduation, I focus deeper in the Android development and I spend many hours to learn of how to implement a Google Play In-app Billing, Google Cloud Messaging, Google Play services, Facebook API, SQLite and customize a graphical user interface.

By focusing on Android Development I continued and developed three other apps, the first one being is a brightness controller level app, the second is a mortgage payment calculator and also a Tic Tac Toe game that user can compete with the device but even with another user player that user.

Afterward I decided to build even more complex apps using SQL language together with a friend.

So we mix together our skills and developed apps like:

Trivial game where there are more than 1500 multiple choice questions in this game, and 11 fields. Moreover, I have implemented Google Play In-app Billing so the user is able to buy some coins to use them in the game and help him to continue with the game.

Another game is a puzzle mind game and the goal is to solve the puzzle by making all boxes of the grid equal to nine.

In addition, I have also developed an Expense Manager app which manages your daily transactions like a personal accountant in your smart phone or tablet. It combines processes like payments, incomes, expenses, accounts, calendar, reminder and reporting under a useful, and efficient user interface.

Another app is Christmas countdown app that keeps you updated how many days left before Christmas
Eve (25 December). Also is a kind of game since you have to try to catch from Santa Claus as many candies as you can.

In 2013, I processed with a big complex project requested from a client. The idea is to develop a chat communication where user can chat together, handled GPS, WIFI for Navigation and location based services and implemented push notification (Google Play services). For this project I asked from a friend to participate on the database part. Also I created a backend MySQL database and JSON web service in PHP to commute with Android devices.

Outside of the office

My personal interest is mainly to explore the our worlds and make as many trips I can. Also I like as personal interest outdoors exercise, running outdoors in the field, I like to go rowing during weekends.