Hi, I'm Andreas đź‘‹. I'm a front-end web developer building beautiful, mobile-responsive, accessible websites and web applications.

Specialises in building responsive website, progressive web application and web performance optimization.

Lately, I focused primarily on ReactJS, GatsbyJS, GraphQL and NodeJS development.



A front end development with knowledge in back end development.

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Design to Bootstrap conversion

A proper website converted to a responsive web layout to run successfully in mosts popular browsers and devices helping you have more business and visitors.

A beautiful website will gain visitor’s trust with your company making them spend more money with you.

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Make web faster

It’s a fact that Google now counts site speed as a SEO ranking factor. The better loading time the higher it will rank on Google and the more traffic you will earn. If your website doesn’t load in less than 3 secs you will lose more or less 40% of the potential business.

Don’t make your customer wait and go to your competitor!

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Setup WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular and reliable platform in the online world, where you easily manage your website without having any web programming skills.

Have WordPress installed into your hosting account, fast without worrying about any technical skills and issues.

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Why you might want to hire me

I have over 10 years of web development experience that I can definitely help you with your front-end web developments.

All these years of work experience I help several clients and companies collaborate remotely to build responsive websites and web applications.

My mission is to perform your project successfully like it was my own project. I will work hard and make sure to get everything done for you, on time. Sometimes I even work extra time when it is needed to perfect a job from a client without more charging.

I have a strong desire to make sure you are happy and I won’t disappoint you.

I am currently available on UpWork for front-end development jobs. I can help you with: website performance optimization, Wordpress site and conversion design to Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, JS code in which adaptive and responsive templates for all devices by using the latest web technologies.

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Check out a few of my project, I've worked on.

I help several clients and companies collaborate remotely to build responsive websites and applications.

Crypto Coin Invest

It is a web app for cryptocurrencies to quickly and easily filter crypto coins. Using filters, the user can handle the crypto data faster and see undervalued coins, based on their market cap.

CryptoCoinInvest is built on a VueJS framework for faster DOM (Document Object Model) manipulation and data utilization of the app. On the backend CryptoCoinInvest uses an NodeJS tech on DigitalOcean using components and services to handle REST API of data.

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Energi significantly improves upon the self-funded governance concepts found in projects like Dash and Smartcash, and has the largest treasury fund out of any cryptocurrency.

Energi (NRG) is developed on Bootstrap framework to be responsive on mobile devices using HTML, CSS, and JS tech. Implemented in WordPress platform and Optimized the code for better web performance.

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Maida is a website for Pipe Relining business on Sydney.

Worked on Maida website for fixing JavaScript, CSS, and HTML issues code and improving responsive pages, implementing new features, improving UI/UX design and SEO.

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Few people have said about Andreas

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Ryan Goodman

I have worked with Andreas for over a year on various JavaScript based applications. He is everything you want in a developer. He is consistent, asks the right questions, is clever, and always seems to get the job done right. He has assisted me in many customer projects requiring HTML5 / Javascript dashboards and transactional apps. I highly recommend Andreas.

Joel Ahern

Of the 20 something web developers & digital marketers I have used for various tasks in the past year, Andreas is the first person I talk to when I have an idea. He takes ideas and makes them better than you were originally thinking and he never asks you to review something that isn't finished.

The quality of his code and creativity is worlds class. It's a joy to work with someone where things get done to such high quality without the need for lots of revisions. He has a bright future ahead of him, but for as long as he is available, he is my go to dev.

Justin Atlan

Andreas, thanks so much for being our go to guy to get anything front-end up on the web as fast and efficiently as possible. You always go the extra mile and you always over-deliver. Thanks for being a great part of our team whenever we need you!


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